Viklang Sahara Samiti

Aids & Assistive Devices

This is to keep in your kind consideration towards the request for Aids and Appliances Assistance to the People with Disabilities. Viklang Sahara Samiti Delhi (VSSD) is working for the welfare of Person with Disabilities and Under- Privileged Youth. VSSD has set up its own Counseling Centre called “Viklang Margdarshan Kendra (VMK)” in year 1994. It is a guidance centre that provides information about all the facilities available to Persons with Disability without any botheration. The VMK includes Assistive Devices support that’s objective is to Support them in improving their quality of life in terms of mobility, communication and performing their daily activities and to meet the needs of Persons with Disabilities.

It’s Need?

We saw most of the PwDs want to improve their quality of life in terms of mobility, communication and performing their daily activities due to which they need Aids and Appliances (Supportive Devices). These Supportive Devices or Aids & Appliances can directly enable people with disabilities to participate in the activities of daily life. People with disabilities may use Aids/Appliances on their own or with the support of other people. It reduces barriers between people with disabilities and their environments. With the application of modern technology, a number of aids have emerged which can reduce the effects of disabilities and enhance the economic potential of the Disabled. However, a large number of disabled persons are from the low income groups and are deprived of the benefits of these appliances because of their inability to find funds to acquire them and consequently of dignified independent living.


To assist needy disabled persons in procuring durable, sophisticated and scientifically manufactured modern, standard aids and appliances to promote physical, social and psychological rehabilitation by reducing the effects of disabilities and at the same time enhance their economic potential. Assistive devices are givers to Persons with Disabilities with an aim to improve their independent functioning, and to arrest the extent of disability and occurrence of secondary disability. It covers several disability like- Persons suffering from Muscular Dystrophy, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Hemipehgia and any other person with similar conditions, where either three/four limbs or one half of the body are severely impaired. It also covers those PwDs who are Self Employed and Employed that are suffering to reach their work places.

Target Beneficiaries

  • PwDs who have not taken any Aids & Appliance since 3 years from any institution.
  • PwDs who are Employed or Self Employed
  • Residence in Delhi NCR


  • To arrange full rehabilitation management for Divyangjan like :- surgery/ mobility, Aids/Appliances like Caliper, Crutches, Tricycle, Wheel Chair, stick and other appliances.
  • Collaborate with various Govt. or Non- Govt. Organizations to facilitate supportive devices for daily living.