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Various surveys conducted from time to time which have made it clear that India has a very large number of disabled persons. Many of them come from low-income groups. Disability restricts their opportunities for leading functionally productive lives. Available applications of modern technology, there have emerged a number of aids, which can reduce the effects of disabilities and enhance the economic potential of the disabled. To illustrate a wheel chair, an artificial limb, crutch, a brace, a splint can greatly improve the mobility of physically disabled individual. It has been the constant Endeavour of the Government to provide the disabled persons with aids/appliance at minimum costs.

However, a large number of disabled persons are deprived of the benefits of these appliances because of their inability to find funds to purchase them. In the light of the Government’s growing stress on helping disabled persons and in bringing the aids and appliances within their reach, VSSD has decided to provide aid and appliances to the people with disabilities under the ADIP Scheme under the ministry of social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, and also through the support of our Individual Donars modify it in such a way that it becomes more user-friendly and the needy are not deprived of aids/appliances, which are essential for their social, economic and vocational rehabilitation. If they can, thereby, become earning members they would be much closer to achieve economic self-dependence and also be able to live and pursue their activities with dignity.

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List of Beneficiaries under the ADIP scheme

List of Beneficiaries under the ADIP scheme 2012-2013
List of Beneficiaries under the ADIP scheme 2013-2014