Viklang Sahara Samiti

Aims & Objectives

  • Complete Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged and remove disability from the country.
  • To develop human resources.
  • To provide equal opportunities to persons with disabilities for their full participation so that they can share the same platform of entitlement as entitled to others in the society.
  • To encourage freedom of thought and defend the right of disables
  • To secure the role of law and independence of the judiciary.
  • To defend in particular the civil equality of the weaker section of society and of women and children.




Providing equal opportunities to the Persons with Disabilities and Underprivileged pool of Youth for their active participation in the society and to provide them with a common platform to access entitlement.


To raise the awareness for Inclusive Development and Education to Persons with Disabilities and Youths from the Economically and Socially Deprived sections of Society. Mainstreaming Persons with Disabilities through support for availing the facilities and providing committed and quality vocational training with employment assistance for their self-sustainment for economic growth.

Our other Programmes

Legal Awareness Programme

With the help of expert team time to time we organize legal camps to aware people about their rights, legal protection, dowry demand, domestic violence, child labour, child marriage etc.

Health Awareness Programme

We are organizing regular health camps in rural areas focusing on eye care ,HIV, T.B ,etc. (Also for disabled for surgery and distributing aid / appliances). Lady Doctor (gynecologist) devotes her special sessions for girls on health and hygiene issues. Comprehensive health checkup camps for all age groups are organized by expert doctors and officers.

Environment Awareness Programme

Environmental awareness is to understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection. Promoting environmental awareness is an easy way to become an environmental steward and participate in creating a brighter future for our new generation. Environment awareness is an integral part of the movement’s success. We undertake following environmental issues through camps, street drama, songs, rally and Nukkad Naatak:-
  • Tree Plantation
  • Clean Yamuna
  • Pollution (use C.N.G)
  • Keep your school/home/street clean
  • Anti-Fire Crackers

Cultural Programmes

We spread knowledge and awareness about social and health issues as HIV/AIDS, Save Girl Child etc. through Cultural Dances & Songs etc. We also organize Cultural Programmes on festivals and Annual Programmes.

Save the Girl Child

Save the girl child is a campaign in India raising awareness on gender selective abortion of female fetuses which has skewed the population towards a significant under representation of girl in some Indian states. For the cause, we are working for the Save Girl Child Campaign through organizing Rallies, Camps, Poster Making Competitions and Awareness Sessions.

Training Programme

We are also providing many other free of cost certified courses, as:
  • Self Defense Training :Our goal is to empower the girls to predict, identify and avoid violence, and be able to protect themselves physically – against the most common types of attacks and assaults.
  • Road Safety Programme: This programme is to spread awareness on Road Safety amongst the students. The students are targeted to impart information about traffic rules and regulations through live demonstration and traffic drills and rallies.
  • Food and Nutrition Training Programme: This course provides excellent opportunity to learn how to cook nutritious low cost food.
  • Disaster Management Programme: This course provides excellent opportunities to learn about the disaster risk reduction. Under professional guidance students gain the confidence and practical experiences.