Operating Infrastructure

The registered office of the organization is situated in Delhi where adequate infrastructure facilities are available for conducting meetings, staff training and management of program implementation. In addition, the society possesses field/project offices at different places in Delhi, which help the organization in further fortifying the activities and monitoring the implementation of programs at the grass root level and send periodical reports to its Administrative office.

Following are the salient points pertaining to Viklang Sahara Samiti, Operations Management:

  • Viklang Sahara Samiti, has project centres in Delhi
  • All the centers possess adequate infrastructure facilities such as operating space, necessary office equipment and staff.
  • The organization has staff strength working in both head office and centres.
  • In addition, there are vocational instructors who are engaged from time to time for implementation of specific training activities.
  • Volunteers positioned in various program districts further support the organization.
  • A team of highly experienced consultants and experts are also available to the organization as per requirement for periodical support.

Technical Management

Viklang Sahara Samiti, works in the Social Sector and a Not for Profit Organization but operates in a Professional Manner. Our Operating Methodology is Simple and Efficient.

  • In regards to organizational matters, monthly meetings are regularly conducted with the entire project/ office staff.
  • All program level decisions are taken in the monthly meetings.
  • These meetings are conducted in a participatory manner and collective decision-making is done in all organizational matters.
  • Reporting relationship is maintained both upwards and downwards with regular flow of information.

Financial Management
Viklang Sahara Samiti, maintains complete transparency in its financial operations and maintains a Finance Manual as per its Standard Finance Policy. Following are the salient points with regard to its financial dealings –

  • Cash and Ledger Books are maintained.
  • Monthly financial statement is prepared to monitor the financial status of each Project
  • All the accounts (Cash and Ledger Books) are maintained on daily basis
  • Bank accounts are always operated by two joint signatories authorized by the Board of Management
  • Mechanism to ensure proper use of funds
  • Separate bank accounts for funds received for the various programs funded by National and/or International Agencies.
  • Computerized Accounting System in Tally software facilitates the organization in regular monitoring of distribution of grants to the project.
  • The organization invariably gets annual auditing of accounts by Chartered Accountant of repute.

Achievements and Awards

  • “2nd Manav Sewa Prerna Award 2005-2006” By Physically Handicapped Welfare Society {Regd}, Delhi
  • Best Delhi State Youth Club Award from Nehru Yuva Kendra, Delhi, (Ministry of Youth affair and Sport, Govt. of India)
  • “Excellent Work in Disaster Management in Delhi” By Deputy Commissioner {Revenue} Northwest Distt. (Govt. of India) Delhi
  • Business Excellence Awards 2010-11 from NDPL
  • Excellence in Social Service from Punjab Keshri News Paper, Delhi